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1. Fiber optic terminal box, network faceplate
2. Material: ABS
4. Application: Network use
FTTH fiber terminal box
Single and double port face plate
Fit RJ45 keystone
Specification: Standard
Applications: Networking
Shutter doors prevent dust
Eurpean style/international style/American style
Support MM or SM fiber connection
Consist of FC, LC, SC, ST...Adapters
1 port, 2 ports, 3 ports, 4 ports...Optinal
This box could be used for wall-mounted and rack-mounted applications, the base and cover of the box adopts "self-clip"method, which is easy and convenient to open and close, could be used for adapters such as SC, FC, SC-FC and so on. The max capacity is 4cores. It is achieved to IP52.
Function: Termination of optic fiber
Adapter: SC, FC, SC-FC
Cable: General indoor fiber optic cable
1. This box could realize the multifunction, fix the outdoor cable& FTTH indoor cable&fiber optic adapter&optical fiber splice. The fixture is stable.
2. It also realize that, input the simplex/duplex FTTH cable from outdoor then output simplex/duplex cable, input the outdoor cable then output multicore pigtails, input outdoor cable then output FTTH multicore cable. It adotop many kinds environment.
3. It is easy to operate.
4. The design of winding the cabel is large arc. It makes sure that the fiber will not curve and will not effect the telecommunication quality when the interference coming.
5. It is standard 86mm, and the thickness 27mm. The dimension is small and easy to fix and operate.

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