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Fiber optic Distribution box 36core GFS23-TX2/36

Fiber optic Distribution box 36core GFS23-TX2/36
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This Series plastic fiber optic distribution box is used for the distribution connection of cable and fiber optic communication devices. It leads out the optic signal from drop cable to pigtails by splicing in the box. It can be used for protective connection of cable and layout pigtails, and fiber optic terminations of optic access networks. It is suitable for outdoor, corridor, weak current silo or collection points of villas, for the splicing, storage and distribution of local cable.
1. The box is made of imported flame retardant material, with aging resistant and ultra violet resistant characters
2. Sealing with pressed strip, waterproof and dustproof with Ip65
3. Special screw and key for its door lock; Can be installed on wall or mounted on pole
4. Temperature, working: -40~+80; Storage: -40~+80
5. Spare pigtails and drop cable can be save in the storage part, convenience for maintenance
6. Special lock device for outlet of drop cable
7. bottom for splicing and upper layer for splitting and distribution
8. There are 24~48 position for adaptors of FC, SC or ST
9. Maximum 2 pieces of splice tray for satisfying kinds of connection.

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